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Our wedding services

If you want to plan a perfect wedding you need an exclusive, luxury and smart vehicle. There are different options you can choose for your wedding but the best is to rent a limousine in order to turn your wedding into an unforgettable day. In Luxury Cars Barcelona we place at your disposal our wedding services with our vehicles which provide many facilities for you.

In order to organize a wedding you should plan and prepare many things such as invitations, flowers, the restaurant, and of course the vehicle. It is an important choice because all your guests will be the witnesses of this fantastic moment. You will look like a princess.

We can make your dreams come true. We have many limousines which can be adapted to your wedding depending on your needs and preferences. If you want a vehicle with a classic style you can choose our limousine White Lincoln Town but if you want to plan a funny wedding you can choose the same limousine in pink colour. It will be amazing!

Below you will see the explanation of each vehicle we have in our fleet. Like this, you can choose what the best vehicle for your wedding is:

  • Limousine Ford Expedition White: it is similar to the Hummer and it has capacity for 8 people. This is a fantastic way to arrive to the wedding.
  • Limousine Lincoln Town White: white colour, this is one of the most sophisticated and classic vehicles. It is the perfect one for smart weddings.
  • Limousine Lincoln Town Pink: we also have the same version but in pink colour. If you want a funny and an original wedding this is the perfect choice.
  • Limousine Chrysler C 300: this is a smart option and it is perfect for the most distinguished and high level celebrations.

We can also offer you smart cars which is a more discreet option but they are perfect to impress everyone in your wedding. These are our options:

  • Minivan Mercedes Viano: This is a van with capacity for 7 people and also with a smart and sophisticated style, as all the vehicles of Mercedes brand have.
  • Class E Mercedes: a luxury car with 5 places. It is perfecto to arrive to your wedding in a discreet but distinguished way.
  • Lincoln Town Car: this is the vintage car par excellence with a unique and beautiful style.


In Luxury Cars Barcelona we want to celebrate with you your special day and that’s why we offer you extra services in order to adapt as much as we can the vehicle to your essential needs and preferences.


Furthermore, a professional uniformed chauffeur will drive the vehicle for you and inside you will have 2 bottle of Catalan cava, snacks and mineral water in order to celebrate this special moment with your wife, your husband and your family in intimacy. Outside the car we will put nuptial decoration depending on your preferences.

Our aim is to turn your wedding into an unforgettable day. That’s why we place at your disposal all our professional experience and knowledge in order to help you and advise you and organize this important event.

Our company philosophy is based on qualified services for qualified customers. All our limousines have all the documentation required to transport passengers. We have also accident insurance and passengers insurance in order to maintain your safety. Our team is formed by qualified professional employees and they will work hard in order to make a perfect wedding.

Choose the best limousine for your wedding in Barcelona and we will help you to organize an special moment for the best day of your life.

Wedding Limousines